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NOTO / Wind Turbine

LABU / Bamboo Lamp

Bamboo Workshop 2010 - Integrating the Future - Metropolitan Center of Design, Argentina. This bamboo lamp was created using all local materials and sustainable techniques.  The curves were created using steam and were dried by the sun, and the separate units are joined without the use of glue.  Reduced packaging and bicycle transportation contribute to make this an environmentally conscious lamp.


Design, fabrication, and installation with a focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling local materials.  Low environmental impact design avoids use of glues, adhesives, or other toxic products, including the use of bicycle and trailer as transport throughout process.  The uniquely playful space has helped to make Change a very successful fair trade clothing boutique.

IONA / Space design

Space design utilizes minimalism to direct design decisions. Changing only what's necessary to create a sophisticated, modern, and sensible space.  Focus on custom fabrication of displays and furniture. Iona, a clothing boutique which offers one-of-a-kind, quality basics, and designer clothing and accessories for women.


This design project is the first step in a long-term plan that provides a solution to the problem of home recycling in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The objective is to create a widespread positive social attitude towards recycling through the integration of recycling elements into the lifestyle of the Argentine.

A place for sharing experiences and creating innovative ideas that will make a difference to the community. The design challenge was to create an informal and warm environment while displaying a well developed personal art collection. Visit A Place to Be to check out what's happening there.

The Triclos is designed to accompany the toddler as he grows up, through elements that transform and interchange to assist the child in developing his own motor development.  When the child is small, the Triclos is used with front traction like a tricycle.  As the child grows, the seat adapts, and when the child is ready the Triclos transforms into a bicycle with pedals on the sides.

Noto is the result of a senior industrial design project from the College of Architecture, Design, and Urbanism at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Noto is engineered to take advantage of ascending wind currents on tall buildings and other structures, with low sound and vibrational impact.  As a modular unit, it integrates aesthetics and architecture, and can be included in the design of new structures or added to modify existing buildings.